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About Alphies

Alphies and Numbies bring the alphabet and numbers to life. They entertain and educate young audiences with their charming characters. These hand-sized, incredibly cute two-dimensional images are designed to encourage children to play with language. They take advantage of natural inclinations and capabilities, such as:

  • personifying objects with faces
  • our capacity to touch
  • our ability to form relationships
  • our need to tell stories

Putting these toys into a child’s hands, especially a child with learning difficulties, changes how that child relates to education, language and numeracy. Learning becomes an entertaining activity

The Alphies and Numbies will improve retention and learning, make language easy to grasp, and enable children to access that language for a lifetime.

The Alphies and Numbies can transform how children, and even adults, play and learn language and mathematics.

Who are The Alphies

There are 26 Alphie and 10 single digit Numbie characters. Each Alphies has an upper-case and a lower-case format. Each of these characters follows the same rules that govern the standard letter usage in the language being represented, e.g., English language rules for English, French language rules for French, etc. The Numbies always follow standard rules for mathematics.

Each character has a distinct personality based in part on words that start with that letter. The personalities expand as the child learns new words. For example, a child may know that Alphie A loves to eat apples but may not yet know any other fruit that Alphie A would like. All Alphies are like people in that they can change and are guided by certain personality traits. Also, just like people, the Alphies have friends and peers who can affect their behaviour. For example, Alphie D loves to make decisions. However, when Alphie D is with Alphie B and Alphie A, its decisions can be influenced and become “bad” ones, but when Alphie D is with Alphie G and Alphie O, those decisions are always “good” ones. This is how Alphies and Numbies bring literacy and numeracy to life.