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Meet Alphie I

Alphie I loves any word that begins with the letter “I.” It is the only Alphie that can be a word by itself. Alphie I loves to ice skate and play sports like ice hockey. Alphie I feels very important and can sometimes be quite intense. As a result, Alphie I and Alphie E are always arguing about who comes first, and sometimes the only Alphie who can settle the argument is Alphie C, because the rule is: I before E except after C!

Here are some things that Alphie I likes:

infants, ice, ice cream, igloos, islands, ice skating, ink, icons, images, imagination, inches, index, industry, individuality, internet, iPhones, Islam, illustrations, instruments, intelligent and interesting ideas, interior design, iron, ivy, and international events.

Here are some things that Alphie I likes to do/be or can be:

ironing, investigating, inventing, interviewing, inspecting, being inside, inquiring to become more intelligent, impressing (other Alphies), identifying, imagining, informing.

Here are some animals that Alphie I likes:

ibexes, ichthyosauri (the plural of ichthyosaurus), insects, inch worms, Ictonyx striatus (striped polecats), iguanas, indris, ibis, Ibizan hounds, impalas, Iberian lynx.

Can you guess the next Alphie?

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