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Meet Alphie M

Alphie M loves any word that begins with the letter “M.” Alphie M has a very magnetic personality. Some Alphies think Alphie M is magical. Other Alphies say this could be a mammoth myth. Whatever it is, it’s certainly a mystery, but magical things are always happening around Alphie M. Alphie M loves math, and any type of machine. Alphie M is the mechanic for the Alphies, and Alphie M can mend or make anything mechanical! The other Alphies often wonder if Alphie M is so marvellously skilled or is it simply just magic!

Here are some things that Alphie M likes:

mom, milk, magicians, makeup, magnets, mammals, men, maps, marshes, marble, masks, machine, math, meat, melons, mimes, monks, multiples, mushrooms, motors, music, museums, Muslims, mysterious marvellous myths.

Here are some things that Alphie M likes to do/be or can be:

making movies, marching, multiplying, moving, mimicking, mining, melting chocolate, mending, measuring, milling, mixing.

Here are some animals that Alphie M likes:

moose, mice, monkeys, magpies, mallard ducks, mockingbirds, moles, mongoose, muskrats, marlins, manta rays, meerkats, musk-oxen, monitor lizards.

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