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Meet Alphie O

Alphie O loves any word that begins with the letter “O.” Alphie O is optimistic and thinks it is omnipotent. Alphie O is quick to add an opinion and can be counted on to be objective. Alphie O loves to think of itself as the original Alphie, who also loves organic food.

Here are some things that Alphie O likes:

oats, oars, oceans, oils, old things, Olympic games, onions, opera, opinions, opposites, orange (the colour), oranges (the fruit), outdoors, (being) outside, oxygen, orchestras, octogons, odd things.

Here are some things that Alphie O likes to do/be or can be:

orderly, observant, organized, objective, outgoing, open to new ideas, often overlooks the obvious, and often outwits its opponents.

Here are some animals that Alphie O likes:

owls, octopuses, ostriches, oysters, orangutans, otters, oxen, orcas, opossums, okapis, old world quails, ocelots, Old English sheepdogs.

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