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Meet Alphie Q

Alphie Q loves any word that begins with the letter “Q.” Alphie Q loves to ask questions, and eat quesadillas, and quinoa. Alphie Q is quite quiet. In fact, Alphie Q is so quiet that the only Alphie (in English) Alphie Q will be with (in a word) is – yes...that’s right, Alphie U. Alphie Q really likes a little-known bird called the quetzal.

Here are some things that Alphie Q likes:

queens, quarters, quilts, quills, quay (a harbour), quantum physics, quantum mechanics, quantum computers, quizzes, quirks, quarks and quality quartz.

Here are some things that Alphie Q likes to do/be or can be:

quiet, quaint, loves to question, is quick to quote, and has been known to quibble over anything.

Here are some animals that Alphie Q likes:

queen snakes, quillback rockfishes, queen angelfishes, quails, and of course quetzals.

Can you guess the next Alphie?

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