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Meet Alphie V

Alphie V loves any word that begins with the letter “V.” Alphie V likes vegetables, volcanoes, and loves to visit all the other Alphies. Sometimes you can find Alphie V high on a hillside enjoying the view. Alphie V can be very... very anything! Very nice, very fast, very funny, and very energetic! If there is one Alphie who is very vivacious, it is Alphie V. The verbose Alphie V also has a vast vocabulary and is known for saying way too much when just a little would do.

Here are some things that Alphie V likes:

vikings, vacuum cleaners, valleys, vanilla, vases, vegetables, veils, verbs, ventriloquists, vessels, veterinarians, victories, villages, violents, vioces, vitamins, volunteers, vowels, vermillion.

Here are some things that Alphie V likes to do/be or can be:

voting, viewing, vibrating, vain, loves it when things need to be verified or validated, and will always vary in its opinion on vomiting and voracious things very vociferously.

Here are some animals that Alphie V likes:

voles, vicunas, vipers, vultures, Vangidae (a family of birds) which include the vangas of Madagascar , vaquita dolphins.

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