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Meet Alphie X

Alphie X loves any word that begins with the letter “X.” Alphie X loves the bird Xolmis, a cute little black and white bird about the size of a canary. Alphie X plays the xylophone. Alphie X and Alphie E have a funny relationship. Alphie X always expects to be in front of Alphie E, except that it is almost always the other way around! In fact, you might say that Alphie X is a little envious of Alphie E.

Here are some things that Alphie X likes:

x-rays, xylophones, xerothermic climate (dry and hot), xebec (small three-masted sailing ships), loves xanthous (the colour of yolk), Xmas.

Here are some things that Alphie X likes to do/be or can be:

very xenial to strangers, (very hospitable to strangers), xeroxing, and xeriscaping (landscaping in a way that requires little water).

Here are some animals that Alphie X likes:

x-ray tetra fishes, xenops, Xantus’s hummingbirds, xantis (yaks), Xenopus (frogs), Xema sabini (seagulls).

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