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Meet Alphie L

Alphie L loves any word that begins with the letter “L.” Alphie L loves to leap into action. Alphie L is very loveable and sometimes can get a little loony! Alphie L loves leftovers; in fact, if any of the other Alphies has any leftovers they want to get rid of, they know who to give them to: Alphie “L”! Perhaps the best thing Alphie L likes – no loves – is literature. Alphie L has a very large library! Also, Alphie L knows all languages, and it does not matter what letter it starts with. If it is a language, Alphie L has learned it!

Here are some things that Alphie L likes:

lips, legs, labels, ladders, lakes, lunch, languages, lanterns, lasers, laps, library, levers, lids, lifeboats, lifeguards, light, lettuce, lessons, lightning bolts, liquids, locks, lockers, loudspeakers, luggage, luck, lamps.

Here are some things that Alphie L likes to do/be or can be:

lifting, looking, listening, learning, leaping, licking, laughing, lining things up, loving.

Here are some animals that Alphie L likes:

lambs, ladybugs, leopards, larks, lions, lizards, lemmings, lemurs, llamas, lobsters, locusts, lungfishes, lynx, lionfishes, ligers, loons, love birds.

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