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Meet Alphie T

Alphie T loves any word that begins with the letter “T.” Alphie T is a tidy Alphie who loves tobogganing, playing table tennis and tic-tac-toe. Alphie T is an excellent teacher, who once traveled by train to town to help the tongue tight tailor. The tailor was so relieved to talk normally that it created a special shirt for this terrific Alphie, a T-shirt. Finally, when the other Alphies get into trouble, they always call on Alphie T who knows everything about untangling and solving troublesome problems!

Here are some things that Alphie T likes:

tables, tanks, tartans, tea, technology, television, tents, thumbs, thighs, time, timebales, tongues, tools, tops, toys, tractors, trampolines, totem poles, trees, tubas, tires.

Here are some things that Alphie T likes to do/be or can be:

talented, tenacious, talkative, i.e. loves talking, has a tender touch, timid at times, tragic, tolerant, loves team teaching, tumbling and is a terrific typist.

Here are some animals that Alphie T likes:

tigers, turtles, turkeys, Tibetan mastiffs, Tasmanian devils, toucans, tiger sharks, tapirs, tropicbirds, Turkish angora cats, tanagers, tetra fishes, takins.

Can you guess the next Alphie?

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