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Meet Alphie U

Alphie U loves any word that begins with the letter “U.” Alphie U is very understanding. Anytime Alphie Q appears, Alphie U follows. Alphie U loves to play Ultimate Frisbee. Alphie U can undo anything! When the other Alphies get into unusual situations they go to Alphie U to undo them! (However, some things are better left undone!)

Here are some things that Alphie U likes:

underwear, umbrellas, uncles, uniforms, all types of ukuleles, unions, unicycles, the universe, universities, utensils,and undercover work.

Here are some things that Alphie U likes to do/be or can be:

unique, useful, loves uncovering items, (an) usually upstanding and very understanding Alphie, (to be) upstairs, underwater and (in) underground places.

Here are some animals that Alphie U likes:

uakaris (a red-faced monkeys), unaus (two toed sloth), ungulates (any mammal having hooves), urchins, unicornfishes, unicorns (a mythical magical horse).

Can you guess the next Alphie?

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